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Level Instruments

Malema in association with Tecfluid, brings a complete range of level indicators; level transmitters and level switches, in float style, displacement style, vibrating fork style as well as non-contact verions such as ultrasonic and reflex radar level instruments.

They available in various materials of construction options suitable for use in both clean and corrosive environments. Some of these instruments are also suitable for solids level measurement. 

Malema's customer support and application engineers are well trained and are ready to offer you the guidance when requested to select the right product to suit the application. 

LD60/LD61 Level Switch

LD60/LD61 is a level switch based on the vibrating (tuning) fork technique. It is a robust and compact switch for the measurement of liquids and solids (only LD60).
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LU Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

LU90 series transmitter is an advanced level instrument based on the transmission of ultrasonic waves to measure the level of liquid or solid in a vessel. Its non contact measurement makes it suitable for highly corrosive liquids. User friendly programming keys and local read out helps setting up and operating the instrument with ease.
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