MIID-1000 Malema Interconnect Interlock Device

Industry: Semiconductor
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Malema's MIID-1000 Interconnect Interlock Device helps to detect leaks in valve seals and prevents cross contamination of fluids.

The Malema™ Interconnect Interlock Device (MIID-1000) provides backflow protection for bulk chemical and High Purity Water services in laboratories, industrial plants and wafer fabrication facilities.


  • All high purity PTFE and PFA construction of the wetted components.
  • Integrated design for compact, space savings installation.
  • Designed for minimal head loss
  • Field configurable flare connections [Inlets can be configured as either ¼” or 3/8” flare nipples] allowing for simplified retrofit installation and reduced inventories
  • Valve components tested to over 10,000,000 cycles in DIW (over 1,050,000 in Cabot SS-12).
  • Valve Cv = 0.8
  • Built-in Leak detection & monitoring
  • Built-in Optical Valve position sensing

This product is protected by U.S. and International patents. See Malema's list of patents for more information.

  • Media pressure:                           0 to 80 PSIG            0 to 5.5 Bar
  • Pneumatic actuation pressure:       60 to 120 PSIG         4.1 to 8.3 Bar
  • Media Temperature:                    0°F to 266°F (excluding phase changes)

                                                -17.7° C to 130° C

  • Ambient Temperature:                 0°F to 150°F (no freezing liquids)

                                                -17.7° C to 65.5° C

  • Materials:

o   Wetted Surfaces:               PFA & PTFE(modified)

o   Non-Wetted Surfaces          PFA, PVDF

  • Other Materials:                          Viton Seals, Halar Coated Stainless,                   Stainless Steel, Polypro, Nylon, Acetyl,
  • Mounting: Mount the MIID horizontally with the Drain Outlet facing UP.
  • Mounting: Two(2) 10-32 screws required but, not provided
  • Pneumatic control interface: 10-32 UNF-2B (M5)
  • Electrical interface: 24 VDC, 0.1 A max
  • Critical Valve characteristic:         Cv = 0.8
  • Inlets: Field Configurable as         ¼” or 3/8” Flare nipple
  • Outlets:

o   POU Outlet:                      ¼” Flare nipple

o   Vent-Drain Outlet:             3/8” Flare nipple

  • Overall Dimensions (each MIID block):

o   Height                              5.50”                   139.70 mm

o   Width                               3.75”                     95.25 mm

o   Length                              6.50”                   165.10 mm

  • Overall Dimension (Three(3) MIID Kit):

o   Height                              5.50”                   139.70 mm

o   Width                              11.25”                   285.75 mm

o   Length                              6.50”                   165.10 mm

  • Overall Dimensions (PLC Module):

o   Height                              2.75”                     70.00 mm

o   Width                               3.68”                     93.00 mm

o   Length                              6.31”                   160.00 mm