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Rotameters or variable area flow meters operate by flowing a fluid through a conical flow tube. Our rotameters are either visual flow meters only, or allow an analog signal to be recieved at a control system.

2000 Series Glass Tube Purge Meters

Series 2000 glass tube variable area purge meters are available in 100mm, 150mm and 300mm tube lengths and with optional fine threaded regulating valve for precise flow measurement. They are suitable for gas and liquid flow measurement and control.
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6000 Series Glass Tube Rotameters

Series 6000 glass tube rotameters are designed according to VDI/VDE 3513 standards. Its clear borosilicate tapered glass tube with scales help flow reading with great accuracy and ease. End connection options such as screwed end connections, flanges and sanitary couplings make it suitable process industry requirements.
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AD-15 Series Flow Switches & Flow Indicators

AD-15/ADI-15/ADT-15 series flow switches can be fitted with local flow indicators. AD series flow switches can be used for monitoring liquid and gas flows.
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SC-250 Series Metal Tube Rotameters

Malema's SC250 & SM250 model metal tube variable area flow meters are suitable for gases, liquids and steam flow measurement. It uses a robust metal tube construction with an optional plastic liner to handle tough and corrosive process fluids.
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