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Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Malema’s ultrasonic flow meter products are manufactured from PFA for high-purity and aggressive chemical applicaitons. The range offers high accuracy and repeatability performance specification for measuring liquids and slurries with the help of the most advanced filtering and digital signal processing techniques used in the industry. Malema offers inline straight tube, U and Z style ultrasonic flow sensors.

M-2700 Integrated Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The M-2700 series is an integrated flow meter in a small package. Transit-time ultrasonic technology with the latest digital signal processing (DSP) determines flow rate to ±1% of reading.
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M-1500P Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The M-1500P, a non - invasive inline ultrasonic flow meter uses state of the art signal converter with DSP technology and PFA wetted parts that are contamination free from ions or particles. They are ideally suited for semiconductor fluid flow measurement and other applications that demand high purity wetted parts and precise measurement.
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M-2111 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The M-2111 Series flow detector has non-contact transducers and a PFA flow tube design without dead pockets. Its advanced signal converter with DSP electronics offers unmatched flow measurement capabilities even in tough applications. The M-2111 is an ideal choice for use in the semiconductor industry where extreme cleanliness and anti-corrosiveness are required.
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